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Construction Management

Outline of the Construction Management Process

Pre-Construction Services

Project Planning, Pre-Construction, and Review

  • Prepare a Project Summary Document/Plan.
  • Review any plans, drawings, and specifications.
  • Assist with site selection and procurement.
  • Forecast a comprehensive project budget & estimate.
  • Assist in creating a reasonable project master schedule.
  • Structure & Implement a chain of communication and approval plan.
  • Develop & Implement a contract review process.

Design Phase

  • Orchestrate the design selection process.
  • Conduct a feasibility assessment by reviewing drawings and specifications to assure constructability.
  • Analyze the design cost estimate.
  • Identify any potential cost savings.
  • Monitor schedule and delivery on any items with a long lead time.
  • Assist in expediting the design process.
  • Conduct and record project meetings.
  • Assist with building code and other regulatory approvals.
  • Review pay requisitions and recommend payment on all invoices.

Procurement & Bidding

  • Review project logistics and delivery options.
  • Conduct the contractor selection, bid awards, and procurement process.
  • Administer direct purchasing on behalf of the owner.
  • Prepare bid tabs and analysis.

Construction Services

Project Start-Up

  • Develop, engage, and monitor project control systems.
  • Prepare simple cash flow projections.
  • Establish & implement a communication and reporting plan.

During Construction

  • Monitor & report all activity on-site.
  • Review pay requisitions and invoices, and recommend payment action.
  • Create and maintain a running punch list process.
  • Document, communicate, negotiate, and advise on all change orders.
  • Review and analyze progress made toward project milestones.
  • Develop schedule recovery strategies
  • Review and manage change order requests.
  • Manage the Owner's direct purchase vendors and sub-contractors.
  • Schedule, lead, and document construction meetings.
  • Be proactive in all issue resolution processes.
  • Document and report on daily, weekly, and monthly progress.
  • Maintain all necessary project documentation.